AIG Hospital Gachibowli Appointment

AIG new Hospital at Gacchibowli, Hyderabad, One of the BEST Gastro Hospital in India.

Registration in AIG

There is nothing Online Registration System of AIG Gacchibowli. You have Register a Patient after Going at the Spot.

Two Systems of Appointment at AIG

1. One is Self Operated Kiosk.  2. Another is at the Reception. You may Choose any one of them.

Self Generated Kiosk

I suuggest you to choose Self Help Kisok. It is very easy if you can Opearte Android Mobile.

User Friendly System 

See the Display Board In the Ground Floor. Keep your Id proof(Voter Card/AAdhaar) in your pocket. Enter Mobile no. and follow the instructions step by step.

At the Reception in the Ground Floor

After Finishing the process, patient id will be created.  Go to the reception and show your Id whatever entered into your mobile.

Pay Rs.100 for Registration Fee

Pay Rs. 100 to the receptionist. You are given a File. Take this and proceed to further step.

Fix Appointment of Doctor

Go to the 1st floor Help desk. Tell your Problems. He/She will suggest you which doctor will be suitable for you. 

Email or Phone Call facility after Id Creation

Remember Email and Phone Call facility are given importance after creation of Patient ID. Otherwise each and everything is done by face to face meeting.

Go to the Cluster and Meet the Coordinator

Receptionist of Help Desk will advise you to go to the particular Cluster. Meet the coordinator, pay doctor's fees Rs. 400 and wait for the Doctor.  

Meet the Doctor and Follow the Advices

10 a.m. Meet the Doctor. Do not hesitate to tell your problems. Follow the advices. Be healthy and Happy. 

In Details