10 Disadvantages of E-learning

E-Learning is a Fantastic Process for Education now-a-days.

But you should know the Dangerous Disadvantages of it.

1- Confusion and Conversion to Other Topics

Students mianly convert to other topic rather than their subject.

2- Mental Pressure for Huge Information

Internet is a vast environment. Students can be become overwhelmed with information overload.

3- Theft and Academic Misconduct

Use of Internet in education makes the plagiarism of information easily. Academic misconduct is growing fastly.

4- Social Isolation of Students

Overreliance on online resources in an educational context can make students isolated.

5- Dependence on Technology is Inceasing

use of more internet based Learning may hinder students' ability to think critically independently.

6- Privacy and Security Crash

By the question of online security, students may be vulnerable to data breaches, identity theft, or other cyber insecurity.

7- Deterioration of Physical Health

May be responsible for obesity, increased cardiovascular problems or heart disease, and other chronic health conditions.

8- Social Inequality in Education 

Due to a lack of money, some students can not buy devices or reliable internet connections, which exacerbates the educational disparity.

9- Victims of Cyberbullying and Online Harassment

People involved in cyber corruption target young students, especially girls. Hackers try to blackmail students by distorting pictures or videos.

10- Loss of Skills in Social Relationships

Excessive internet use and necessity in education is hampering the development of social interaction and communication skills.